Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Organizing It’s Been Awhile

So It Begins

Full Of Confusion

Suspended Belief

A Cop

Where Is Clarity?

Star Seed

Thoughts On Gaia

Martian Dragons

Dedragonized Dragon

A Brief Summary

A 3,000 Year Old Mystery

Is Israel Really The Land Of The Bible

Greater Understandings

The Holy Grail

Dragon $

The Split

Clots Of Blood

 We Do Not Live In A Vacum

Water Everywhere

MFKZT The Jesus Connection

The Ice Water Mansion Of Her Soul

Templars Cathers And The Dove

Finding Hope

The Akasha

They Found The Bible Was Wrong

Built By Cynicism

Not In Salem

We Have It All Wrong

Real Roman Power

Mary And Old Joe

The Cracked Egg

Additional Thoughts On Gaia

Who Was She Really?


The Mothman

Gone Mad

The Nanny’s Story


Everything Has A Price

Who She Really Was

Super Ordinate Goals

The Americas

An Accomplishment?



East Meets West


PSR 1257 + 12

Gaia Overwhelmed And On Her Knees



Mary The Wife

Someone Is Going To Be Offended

Spiritually Unprepared

What If (Part 1)

What If (Part 2)


Why Me?


The 33rd Degree

More On Time

More On The Aztecs

More On Not In Salem

Royal Arch (Part 1)

Royal Arch (Part 2)

Vibrancy And Frequency

Not My Favorite Topic

A Queen Of Scots

Revelations Of A Holy Cow

Pontific Arrogance

Where Was This God?

El Shaddai Is Enlil

The Cardinal Rule

The Cosmic Code

It’s Not Looney But Only Barely