Hunter Gatherer

February 20, 2022

Human history, boy is it a mess. On the one hand, we have people like myself promoting the idea that we have an intelligent beginning starting 350,000 years ago. Then on the other hand, we are said to have evolved from volcanic mud puddles and chains of enzymes combining to form eventual intelligence. Our truth is a combination of both theories. Yes our planet was seeded with life in a process called Panspermia. Yes those ancient proteins and enzymes and whatnot grew in volcanic mud pools, and yes we evolved from there; but only to a point.

We also know that Earth was seeded with life early in the Solar System’s formation. That life came from a planet that had formed outside of our neck of the woods and, life had developed there in humanoid form and those life forms are at least 1,000,000 years ahead of us on the tree of evolution. We had developed independently from that seeding until we were bi-pedal semi intelligent hominids . Then; these other more developed humanoids came to Earth and created us, by combing their DNA with ours, in a way, jump starting our evolution. In doing this, they have caused us no end of confusion as to who we are and where we came from. Except for the church, especially in places like the Evangelical Creation Museum located in Petersburg Kentucky U.S.A, most paleontologists accept that our “Cradle of Creation” was in the Rift Valley which extends from Djibouti in the north to Tanzania in the south, with nearly half of it being in Ethiopia. From there, we migrated out of Africa to the Middle East and beyond.

There is plenty of confusion as to where or how beings such as the “Hobbits of Indonesia” came from, and how both Neanderthals, and Homo Sapiens painted cave art 250,000 years ago, and why some Homo Sapiens have Neanderthal DNA. Leaving these questions aside for a moment, we know that the Annunaki arrived on Earth about 432,000 years ago, and we were created about 300,00 years ago, this date is accurate to many of the archaeological dates for both Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens cave dwellings.

Although we can not be absolutely certain, in the above image, there seems to be an individual standing close to a authority figure and on the “tray” are conical tree shaped objects, this shape is common in Egyptian imagery denoting the Shem-An – Na , cakes of MFKZT. OK wait, what? Authority figure? We just went from ancient Neanderthals to who? Here we kind of enter a mushy messy world of probably was.

Verifiable human history begins circa 300,000 years ago with our creation by the Annunaki, those humanoids from another planet spoken about above. Our creation took place in the Abzu – Africa, Enki’s realm. The first 250,000 years of our creation, or perhaps a better word would be bondage, our overlords, these Annunaki treated us incredibly harshly. We were no more or less than slaves to them who laboured before them naked. Although Enki and his sister Ninkharsag and many of the 600 of them came to love and respect many of us, we were still no more than objects to them to be used and abused at will by them.

Most scholars accept Sumerian history from 6,000 years ago, so there is an obvious time scale problem here. This is less a problem than it seems when the Sumerian King List is taken to be gospel truth because it takes us back those 250,000 years. Enki was rightfully proud of his creation – us. It is extremely likely that we were at first kept in pens to be observed before we were assigned to differing Annunaki work sites – Enlil was anxious to use us in Sumer – the Garden of Eden.

So, how does slavery in the garden become hunter gatherer Neanderthal cave dwelling? There are numerous theories, two of which I prefer. The first being that the pens were so overcrowded and conditions so miserable that we simply escaped from these facilities and learned to live off the land. The bible itself gives us some indication that this was indeed the case, because of drought, disease, which was brought on by climate change. The second possibility being, that an Annunaki would put together an expedition which would include dozens of us to be used as labourers, hunters, perhaps even sex slaves, or time keepers while the Annage scouted for valuable minerals.

In either event, whether we were escapees or independent nomads, our spiritualism was guided by the Annage. The first appearance of the swastika which is a stylized cross, is first recorded circa 3,000 BC. The cross of course having no connection to Christianity was stylized to represent the Annage’s home planet of Nibiru. The common thread through both Neanderthal and early Homo Sapiens spirituality is that it was both earthbound and energy based. This simple if surprising fact is what we are rediscovering today, it is what you and I are made of, light and energy.

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