The Gush

January 22, 2023

Some of the most fundamental questions that we experience are, why are we here? What is our purpose in life? And after being here awhile, we ask, why does it have to be so hard? These two latter questions are really one and the same, because our purpose here is hard, we are educating our sacred selves in what can only be called a masters program, most of us will end up with a PHD in whatever our life lesson(s) are. This is because we act like moths against a screen door trying to get to the light behind the screen, we batter ourselves senseless against a problem that we do not understand that we have. After doing this several times most of us rather plaintively turn to our family, friends, colleagues, or the church and ask helplessly, what is my purpose in life?

What we invariably receive in reply to this question are platitudes, most sincere but platitudes nonetheless. They mostly involve suggested career paths, which because of our disconnect from our spiritual selves seems to make sense, however, what we fail to realize is, from the moment that we are born, we are living our life’s purpose. So why do we not realize this? The problem is threefold, 1. the church, 2. the church, 3. the church. With the invention of Christianity 300 years after the birth of Christ, the institution claimed dominance over our spiritual lives, this they did by completely altering the belief system of the man that they deified. By so doing they have created a self perpetuating data loop that prevents everyone from realizing our true purpose(s).

As we have learned Christ was not some dewy eyed sap that loved the human race, instead we found him to be the Supreme Military Commander of Israel, and his primary purpose was to expel Rome from Israel. His philosophy of love was misconstrued by the church, it’s original meaning was to create intense patriotism amongst the Jews of Israel. We have learned too that Jesus and his Essenes taught Hermetics, which is about love – self love, and acceptance of something far more powerful that the limited abilities of any type of God, that we are in fact immortal and that death here in this or any realm is meaningless and is not to be feared. In Jesus’s context this was vital for his growing armed force to believe.

So what does that mean, that we are immortal? The church says that our immortality begins after we die in this realm and that provided we believe unto Christ, we live with him in heaven as some type of zombie. Hermetics on the other hand says that our souls – our sacred selves have lived for billions of years until now, and that we will live for a further 10,000 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years longer. And during that span of time, we will live in a vast array of differing realms. Personally I find the idea of spending eternity questing for self improvement far more appealing than being forced to believe in a god through an institution that has created something as horrifying as the myth of Satan! This they did as both a means of coercion and control, and since about 1500 A.D. has been used solely as a means of control. The idea of a heavenly abode is really very unrealistic, it’s a nice idea that we will reunite with long dead family members, but the thing of it is, they do not reanimate until Christ returns, he has been dead for 2,023 years now, and since he will reanimate all who have ever lived on earth when he returns, that means some will have been dead for over 300,000 years, their bodies are going to be in pretty lousy shape. Plus all those people who were born before he was, they have to believe in him in order to go to heaven with him, how is that going to work? Also what about all the souls who took part in our evolution, do they have to believe in him too? Our evolution began over 100 million years ago, do all our primitive ancestors get to go to heaven too?

The scientific reality of us and the church’s heavenly myth just does not add up.

Hermetics however is where science and spirituality meet, and is where time after time they verify the other. Science has begun to unravel the mysteries of the universe, an important step in this process has been the acknowledgement that other dimensions exist. Science in many ways is catching up with knowledge that existed more than 2, 000 years in the past, in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells us in no uncertain terms that we have and will continue to, live in a vast array of realms during our immortality. These lives of course will take place in different dimensions, the question becomes, how do we transit between these realms?

I have memories of at least three previous incarnations where things were to say the very least, very different from here. The clearest of these memories is part of the process that got me here to this realm. This involved part of an explanation of the process that would be used to transit me from there to here. Said process itself was extraordinarily painful and involved being separated from my sacred male/female selves, to be reunited in the receptacle here in this realm, which as it turns out was my mother’s womb. And as we have learned, a woman is the only known source that is powerful enough to unite the separated sacred male/female and then navigate unborn souls into this realm.

Alright I am going to be a bit crass here, but when a man ejaculates, he releases about a teaspoonful of semen, in that there will be about 100 million sperm. That is about what the entire world’s population was during the second millennium BC. A woman on average only releases one egg when ovulating, so you figure that’s 100 million to one, pretty overwhelming numbers for the egg. A woman’s vagina can be a very hostile place, it can be become very acidic, as such it can kill off large numbers of unwanted sperm. Up until about 2020 it was generally thought that when a sperm fertilized an egg, it was random chance, basically the best or fastest swimmer won the race and fertilized the egg. This theory is a bit unwieldy for our purpose. As such it has made the whole idea of us being here and having set agendas a bit like, why me, out of all my brothers and sisters or different versions of me who came with me from dad?

Now, returning to those memories of my immediate previous lifetime, there while being prepared for this incarnation – our now, I and all of us in fact, are given a briefing. There we learn about what will take place here, all of the major events of our lives. This of course includes knowledge of whether or not we have children. During my briefing I was disturbed by this, I wanted children but was informed that it likely would not happen, it being thought that the prospective mother, the whore with the caving expeditions, was not deserving of my genes, whatever that meant. I can only guess at the explanation and that being, that she comes from such an extreme realm of darkness that it’s thought the mix would not be a good one. There may be further information in the Akashic Record, my research continues. I was also given to understand that the other prospective mother, the Nanny, would not be mothering my children, time being the issue. That is why that number 26 always floated around her.

So what exactly is going on here? We know that our sacred selves are made of pure energy and light, and we know that energy can not die, it only changes form. As humans, we are chemical energy, that energy is informed by hormonal changes, testosterone fuels both male and female sex drives, kinetic energy allows for a male to ejaculate. We know that a woman recombines our sacred male/female when sperm meets egg, but how do we as an individual sperm while in that initial gush of semen, know which way to go? And just as importantly, how does the egg know which of those many, many sperm, is the one that our mothers agreed to give birth to while she was at her own briefing?

Have you ever been to an airport or ballgame, maybe a concert and you see see a group of people stood off to the side of the arrivals gate holding signs with whoever’s name on them? This is exactly what the egg does, in 2020 it was discovered that the egg actually releases a chemical called, “chemoattractants”, at least that is what they are calling it to date.

This chemical is recognized by sperm you, and you get to fertilize the egg, and 9 months later, here you are. This works a whole lot better than the idea of there being a sperm free for all battle Royal around the egg. To help ensure the right you is chosen, especially if the woman has had numerous sexual partners, stuff called follicular fluid is released, this helps you get through the crush of another man’s ejaculation.

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