What Were They Going To Do?

May 19, 2023

I had loaded in San Diego CA, I had just enough hours left of my 70 to get to the TA truck stop in Ontario CA. Once there I was going to have to sit for 24 hours so I would get back 6 hours on my 8th day, after which I would be getting back a bunch of 12 and 13 hour days which meant I could run. This of course being back in the days of paper logs and 70 hour 8 day Hours of Service; before they started tinkering with it all and fucking it right up. Anyway I had arrived at the TA late, and I was lucky to get a parking spot. I went in to the restaurant for a late supper/early breakfast, it was full of cholesterol to make my doctor not very happy with me.

As I am walking back out to my truck, my belly full, sleepy, it was two AM Pacific time, and I had been operating on Eastern time, my watch said it was 5 AM, so yup I was pooped. I had intended to get back to my truck, get comfy, and read a chapter or two of this god awful science fiction series of novels that I did not know why I was reading called Death Lands by James Axler. The novels were utter crap, I highly recommend that you never ever, ever, read them. So as I approach my truck, there were about a dozen cop cars, and god knows how many cops pointing drawn guns, cherries flashing, spot lights blazing, and all were pointing at the truck parked right beside mine. The cop in charge was using a loud speaker to order the man and woman in that truck to exit the vehicle immediately. Eventually a dude clambered out of the truck wearing naught but but his underwear, he was quickly pounced upon by a bunch of cops. Meanwhile the loud speaker continued telling a woman to exit the truck. At length she too exited the truck,n she was wearing lingerie right out of porn movie. She too was pounced upon by the cops, and taken away.

I was horrified by  what happened next, from where I was stood, I watched a naked pair of child’s legs appear dangling from the upper bunk. From the illumination from the truck’s interior lights, the light provided from the numerous police spot lights, it became obvious that those legs were female, and belonged to a child of about 5 or 6 years old. As she shimmied about onto her tummy to try to slide off the upper bunk, she evidently slipped and fell hard to the floor of the truck’s bunk, it was obvious that she was both fully nude, and had hurt herself in the fall as her cries could be heard. Someone from nearby yelled in triumph, “YES! THAT’S HER! WE’VE FOUND HER!” Someone then entered the truck to get her and bring her out to safety, wrapped in his suit jacket. Thee only thing that I learned about what was happening there that night was, I was told to think the worst.

Some 36 hours later I got moving, having decided on getting 3 good nights sleep. I eventually got to Edmonton, AB where I dropped that load, and hooked on to 1 of 2 loads going to St John’s, NL. I would be running with a guy of whom I did not know, from what I had heard of him, I was not sure I wanted to. I had heard stories that he was a pedophile. The trip out to North Sydney, NS to the ferry dock was uneventful, and on the most part, the guy seemed mostly normal. It was on the ferry itself where I was about to get a rude awakening regarding him.

Commercial drivers are legally required to take a cabin while on the ferry, we have to have a place to lay down for the 5 hour crossing. After checking in and receiving our key cards for our cabin, we headed for the elevator, to go to our cabin’s deck, when the elevator arrived, already aboard it was a young family, mom, dad, and a little girl of about 5 or 6 years old, of who was holding both mom and dad’s hands. In all honesty this kid was the prettiest little thing that you have ever seen, she had the brightest disposition and you just had to say to mom and dad, that she was really a cute kid. In saying that, that’s where it ends and you carry on doing your thing and all is good. In the case of the fucking goof ball that I was running with though, he gets on the elevator, stares hard at the kid, lust obvious in his eyes, moves aggressively close to her so that he’s actually touching her, this not being necessary as there was plenty of room in the elevator. His actions made me uncomfortable, never mind mom and dad, of who took a few sideways steps to avoid him, also causing dad to tell him to back off asshole!

When we got to our cabin, the guy would not stop talking about the kid. Between what he was saying, and me being the Empath, what he broadcasting emotionally, it was making me sick, and I had to leave the cabin. I spent the next 5 hours wandering around the ferry, and unsuccessfully tried to have a nap while sat up in one of the lounges chairs. For the rest of the trip out to St John’s I did not say a word to the fuck. Upon arrival at the yard, I went in to talk to our terminal manager Barry about what I had seen. There he regretfully told me that, unless the parents complained, or the police got involved, there was not much that the company could do about it. I was of course aware of this, but I had really needed a place to vent. I told Barry that the best thing that could happen was that the next time the fuck was on the ferry, someone should shove him overboard. Barry agreed personally, but  was noncommittal professionally and recommended that I didn’t do it.

I had always hated the idea of paedophilia, and I did not understand why I was being exposed to it, and it did not help that, while I had left my marriage 3 years earlier (Yes the one with the turnstile and caving expeditions), it had ended because of paedophilia. She had orchestrated and facilitated the rape of a 14 year old minor female by an adult male. And I despised her for having done that, most 14 year old girls are not ready for sex, and certainly no girl no matter how old should be raped. The problem too was, these events were bringing up memories that I had not thought about in more than a dozen or so years.

When I was 11 years old I had been targeted by a pedophile. I had been by myself that summer day, I had rode my bike down to Bluffers Park, a city park on Lake Ontario. Today it is a well developed park with walking trails, fire pits, a fully functional marina. 44 years ago though, it was barely a beach, with an almost non functioning boat launch with not much else. But it was still a great place to go to be close to the water, and as kids, we loved to try to climb the bluffs, and that was my intent that day. That day I was approached by a guy with either a bald or shaven head, about 40 years old who was obscenely morbidly obese. He was hanging out near his classic convertible, light blue in colour, I do not remember it’s make, likely a GM product.

He either was very new to picking up children, or  he figured me as an easy target, either way though, he moved on me very quickly. He at first struck up what seemed a friendly conversation which was fine with me, then commented on the pretty girls on the beach. From there, his talk quickly turned to sex and he was consistently edging closer to his car, which he invited me to get in to. The fact that he then brought out a bunch of Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines to entice me into the car struck me as all wrong, and I as quick as I could left him where he was, with his dick stuck in his rolls of fat. Some days later, I was at Cedarbrae Mall, at the record store with some friends, looking for the newest release. As I looked up from the rack of vinyl I was leafing thru, I spotted the fat fuck from the bluffs edging towards a bunch of young kids horsing around on a bench just outside the store. Knowing the threat that the fucker posed, I yelled to my friend Jeff, who was stood not far from the fat fuck, “That’s the the fat fuck pedophile who tried to pick me up the other day at the bluffs!”.

The fat fuck looked at me, recognized me, and it’s that look of recognition that did him in because no matter who you are, that look is instantly recognizable by another, you cannot hide it. The adults who were near saw that look pass between us, and they began to converge on the kids in a protective circle. The fat fuck freak gave me a YOU’RE DEAD! death glare and made a conspicuous and hurried exit, I returned his look with a BRING IT! look of my own. That was the last of the fat fuck freak that I saw, I have no idea if he was ever apprehended or if he simply moved shop to another part of Toronto. I was lucky to have gotten through this unscathed, I was glad that this confrontation had taken place in public. The thing at the bluffs could have gone so wrong, a grown man can easily over power an 11 year olds puny strength, it was likely the fact that he was grossly out of shape that prevented him from pursuing me when I made my escape.

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